The EEDF – EUROPEAN ECONOMIC DANUBE FORUM has the goal to manifest new ideas and visions into the economic reality. We achieve this goal by connecting enterpreneurs with political, scientifical and ideally institutions, and with the public service.

The European Union has the aim to provide citizen with a higher chance of access to higher education, employment and prosperity in its home region, through its developed and established Danube Region Strategy. This strategy is using already existing structures and resources, while utilizing and coordinating them in the most efficient way.

The SENATE OF ECONOMY supports this aim fully. The EEDF connects all Stakeholders in the Danube Region with the economy in order to generate the most efficient link to the Stakeholders for efficient project implementation. In this way we fulfill the goals of the European Union.

Therefore, we are focusing on “SMART” solutions in the Danube Region with our initiative „SMART DANUBE REGION“. The SENATE OF ECONOMY provides in the framework of its initiative EEDF – EUROPEAN ECONOMIC DANUBE FORUM an overview of projects due for realization aiming to build a SMART DANUBE REGION.

Numerous studies have been published, confirming that the economic structure of the entire Danube Region is based on Small and medium-seized enterprises (SMEs). Two major developments are challenging this sector right now:

  1. The digital change in almost all fields of business requires new qualifications of employees and new management skills. The entire SME sector is facing the question, how to acquire this knowledge in order to generate future orientated jobs and business models.
  2. Under the term „Green and inclusive economy“ public and economic entities are forced to implement a holistic approach on their activities, taking into consideration that consumers, customers and citizens are only willing to enable societal and economic success, if ecological and social benefits are gained at the same time. This model has been formulated in the early 1980s under the name „Eco-social market economy“. SMEs, companies and corporations which are not following this global trend are already being sanctioned by their markets and will be much more so in the future. This applies also for city-, town-, and regional administrations which will loose support from the society, if they do not develop infrastructure accordingly.

In the framework of its initiative EEDF-EUROPEAN ECONOMIC DANUBE FORUM the SENATE OF ECONOMY provides selected projects ready for implementation through Public administration and SMEs, in order to develop a SMART DANUBE REGION.



  • Projects of manageable size are defined.
  • The focus lies on intelligent solutions, providing added value for people, the environment and SMEs.
  • Projects are coherent with aims of EU, European and multilateral financial institutions as well as international treaties.
  • Based on a “learning by doing” concept, SMEs are receiving the knowledge required to meet future challenges.
  • The result is “capacity building” in its true meaning: changing stakeholders from passive beneficiaries to active solution finders.
  • All projects are defined to improve peoples lives and make a positive impact on the environment, while SMEs are benefitting by acquiring future orientated skills.
  • Cities, towns and regions can adress their interest for realizing one of the projects.
  • Financial and public institutions as well as investors are invited to develop co-financing concepts.
  • Know-how driven companies are selected which have the capacity to provide solutions for the project implementation.
  • SMEs of a specific city, town and region are selected to join the project and to learn how to combine their traditional field of expertise with new technologies and solutions.
  • This enables them to multiply the project idea in their geographical area and hence generating future orientated jobs and income.



  • Gabriele Stowasser | Member of the Board – Intl. Relations, SENATE OF ECONOMY
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  • Jochen Ressel | Executive Director – Operations, SENATE OF ECONOMY
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  • Vuk Markovic | Project Manager – EEDF, SENATE OF ECONOMY
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